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Our Services


Security Program Services

Get a clear view of your cyber risks so you can strengthen your defences.

We closely inspect your security controls to uncover weaknesses that might have been missed or underestimated.


Risk Management Development

Understand the risks in your day-to-day operations so you can better manage them.

We examine your workflows and procedures to uncover any areas that could lead to unexpected and unwanted issues.


Privacy Program Services

Be confident that you're handling sensitive information (e.g., PII, PHI) in a compliant manner.

Here, we review your policies and controls to identify gaps that could otherwise leave you exposed to legal risk.


Policy Development


Help your company establish practices that will help govern your business and satisfy contractual and industry requirements.

With our guidance, safeguard your business and align your operations with applicable regulatory standards.


IS Audit Program Development

Establish a robust roadmap to regularly review and evaluate the controls steering your company’s data processing activities.


Confirm that your systems are secure, efficient, and effective. Eliminate the gap between what you THINK your company is doing and what you KNOW your company is doing.


Employee Training


Your staff is your biggest liability. But they can also be one of your biggest assets.


We offer training options to improve your employees' understanding of pertinent privacy & security policies issues, and equip them to better protect your company's data.

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