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True North PSR
Privacy Notice

Welcome to True North PSR.


We work with our customers to build programs and processes to protect one of your organisation’s most valuable resources: your confidential or otherwise sensitive information.


We value transparency, and we’ll only use your Personal Information to provide our services and manage our business relationship with you. This Privacy Notice (Policy) explains what information we collect, how we use it, the parties with whom we share it, how we protect it, and where you can go for more information if you have any unanswered questions.

What is 'Personal Information', exactly? And how do we collect it?

Personal Information is information that identifies individual people. That could be you, but it could also be other people for whose information you’re responsible (e.g., customers). Importantly, Personal Information does not include business contact information; that is, information that enables others to contact you in your place of business (e.g., your business address, business phone number, your name, your business email).

Your information is collected when you provide it to us directly, most commonly when you fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website or subscribe to our services or newsletters.

How do we keep your Personal Information protected?

We apply organisational and technical safeguards aligned with industry best practices and applicable legal provisions to protect against any interruptions to the confidentiality and integrity of your Personal Information.


In other words, the only people who access your information are those who should, and the only people who can edit your information are those who have your permission. Plain and simple.

How does True North PSR use your Personal Information?

  1. To respond to your requests for more information after you’ve filled in a form on our website or have chosen to contact us directly.

  2. We’ll process your information when you consent (actively sign up) to receive updates about our company via our newsletter and blog posts, or information about our events and public speaking engagements. If you change your mind and want to stop receiving this information, just email and we’ll stop sending you those updates.

  3. To meet our legal obligations (e.g., to comply with applicable law).

How is that Personal Information shared with others?

Your information is used only by True North PSR and, only when necessary, by the vendors we use to provide our products and services to our customers. We do not sell or share your Personal Information, except for the activities noted immediately above.


For clarity, to run our business, we work with third parties (vendors) for things like website maintenance and distributing our newsletters. In these select cases, we may need to share your Personal Information with these third parties. Importantly, your information is only shared with them to enable them to get you the products and services for which you signed up.


Because most of the world’s online services and infrastructure (e.g., website hosting, computing services) operate primarily outside of Canada, those businesses may process your Personal Information internationally. As such, that information may be subject to access by the law enforcement authorities of the jurisdictions where those vendors do business.

What if I want to correct or update my Personal Information?

We work to ensure that the Personal Information we process and retain is accurate. However, if you have any concerns or doubts about the accuracy of your information, you can send us a detailed written request to <> to correct it.


Alternatively, you can request access to your information by contacting us at the same email address. We may ask you to validate your identity to ensure we are disclosing your information to the right person (to make sure that you’re you).

How am I impacted when this Privacy Policy is updated?

As our business grows and evolves, this Policy may change. We will always post an update and let you know if there is a material difference in how we manage your Personal Information. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Notice, we encourage you to contact us at


We last updated this Policy in April 2024.

What if you have a question about how we use your Personal Information?

Contact us, and we will work to respond to you promptly. The more detail you provide about the information you’re looking for, the easier it will be for our team to provide it.

You can reach us by filling out our ‘Contact Us’ form or email directly.


If we are unable to resolve the concern, you may write to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for further guidance:


  • Website:

  • By Phone: (800) 282-1376 or (819) 994-5444

  • By Fax: (819) 994-5424

  • By TTY: (819) 994-6591

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