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Customer Agreements

Welcome to True North PSR.


We work with our customers to build programs and processes to protect one of your organisation’s most valuable resources: your confidential or otherwise sensitive information.


The following documents outline the terms and conditions you agree to when you subscribe to or otherwise consume True North PSR's products and services. Please read them carefully to ensure that you are aware of each party’s obligations.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

This Master Services Agreement (MSA) provides a framework for a working relationship between your company and True North PSR. It predefines the legal and operational terms under which our services are provided and projects are executed. This includes detailing how we handle intellectual property rights,  each party's responsibilities, service levels, and procedures for contract modifications.


By agreeing to an MSA, we can streamline future contracts and focus more on delivering value through our projects, minimizing administrative overhead for both of us each time we start a new task. It's essentially about setting a clear, mutual understanding to facilitate smoother collaborations.


Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA)

The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) is key to our collaboration. It ensures that any confidential information we share—from business strategies to technical data—is kept secure and used only for our mutual project goals.


This MNDA agreement protects both parties by clearly defining what's considered confidential information, how it should be handled, and who is responsible in the unlikely event of a breach. It’s about building trust, so we can openly share the necessary information for your success without hesitation.

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