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Northern Lights
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Assurance, Recalibrated.

True North offers privacy and information security advisory services for data-driven businesses.


With practical, principles-based knowledge, your organization can achieve regulatory and industry best practices, and reach a state of harmony with your customers, investors, and other interested parties.


It’s our job to help you chart that course.

The Stars

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Distill the message. Speak plainly. Be human.


Even the savviest organizations feel overwhelmed when tackling data privacy and information security problems. Why? Because most privacy and security 'gurus' overcomplicate everything. Like Einstein said, "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."


True North advisors are plainspoken. We deliver intelligent solutions - not unnecessary technical jargon.


How do we do that? We developed a broad range of expertise (see our credentials below), kept what works, and discarded the rest.

Stars at Night

Our Data Privacy Qualifications

Certified Information Privacy Professional (United States)

Certified Information Privacy Professional (Canada)

Certified Information Privacy Professional (European Union)

Certified Information Privacy Manager

IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy

Certified Information Privacy Technologist

Our Other Qualifications

Certified Information Security Manager

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls

Certified Information Systems Auditor

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Project Management Professional

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