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True North PSR

Privacy. Security. Direction.

True North offers privacy and information security advisory services for data-driven startups and 'scale-ups'. With practical, principles-based knowledge, your organization can achieve regulatory and industry compliance, and deep understanding with all employees.


It’s our job to show you the way.

About Us



Our Story

True North launched in response to one thing: the need to innovate. Innovation in technology has bred new ways for wrongdoers to compromise data privacy and information security measures. This same innovation has connected everything we own and multiplied our vulnerability for cyberattacks. Innovation breeds uncertainty, but that same innovation is also the lifeblood that organizations need to live and thrive.


That’s where we come in.


True North advisors empower organizations to ship efficiently and innovate safely in a united and secure data privacy environment. We help organizations achieve their privacy, security, and risk goals, evolve their data protection capabilities, and plan their privacy and security programs.  With clarity and confidence, we integrate simple solutions in context with the utmost respect to our clients' operations.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: speak like a human, solve like a machine.


Even the savviest organizations feel overwhelmed by tackling data privacy and information security problems on their own. Why? Because those issues get complicated quickly. True North advisors are plainspoken, so technical jargon never gets in the way of an intelligent solution. Clients can’t leverage our knowledge of technology and the law if we aren’t speaking the same language. Our philosophy helps us give our clients direction and reassurance with sharp, simple, and elegant solutions to their most complex problems.


We stay up-to-date with the governing bodies that certify our profession. Here are our advisors’ current certifications:


  • CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

  • FIP (Fellow of Information Privacy)

  • CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer)

  • CRISC (Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control)

  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

  • CIPT (Certified Information Privacy Technologist)

  • CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager)

  • CIPP/C (Certified Information Privacy Professional – Canada)

  • CIPP/US (Certified Information Privacy Professional – United States)

  • CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional – EU/EEA)

  • PMP (Project Management Professional)

to Come

True North advisors are driven, introspective, and curious. Here are our team’s soon-to-be certifications and education credentials:

What We Offer




Risk Management

Understand your organization’s technological and regulatory risks. With knowledge of what can go wrong, focus on what can go right to save time and money, and avoid disaster. True North offers the following risk management services:


  • IT risk identification

  • IT risk management

  • Risk response and mitigation

  • Risk and control monitoring and reporting

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) planning

Information Governance

Maximize data value while minimizing data risk. With safe, sound, and smart policies and procedures, your employees can stay compliant while safely extracting data value and reducing business volatility. True North offers the following information governance services:


  • Information security governance consulting

  • Information security program development and management

Clarity +


= Innovation

Data Privacy

Ensure your organization’s actions are impactful, ethical, and compliant with applicable data regulations. Whether it’s CCPA, PIPEDA, or GDPR, data privacy compliance is a moving target. With the right governance, we will help you manage your reputation, avoid crises, and optimize data value. True North offers the following data privacy services:


  • Privacy governance consulting

  • Privacy compliance gaps assessment

  • Privacy impact assessments

Process Improvement

Improve your operations responsibly. With an objective lens, update your organization’s procedures and controls based on the insights and data that are too close for you to see clearly. Your systems should be elegant, effective, and efficient without compromising your compliance stance or your stakeholders’ privacy. True North offers the following process improvement services:


  • Business process design and improvement

  • Policy and procedure design and improvement





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