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True North PSR

Privacy. Security. Direction.

True North offers privacy and information security advisory services for data-driven businesses.


With practical, principles-based knowledge, your organization can reach regulatory and industry best practices, and achieve harmony between your customers and other stakeholders.


It’s our job to help you chart that course.

About Us



Our Story

True North launched in response to one thing: the need for businesses to improve the way their teams think about data privacy and information security.


Innovation in technology has bred new ways for bad actors, or 'hackers', to compromise data privacy and information security measures. This same innovation has connected everything we own and connected us with one another (great!). However, it has also exponentially increased enterprises' aggregate technology-related risks (not so great).


Innovation breeds uncertainty, but that same innovation is also the lifeblood that organizations need to live and thrive.


That’s where we come in.


True North advisors empower organizations to ship efficiently and innovate safely in a united and secure data privacy environment. We help organizations achieve their privacy, security, and risk goals, evolve their data protection capabilities, and plan their privacy and security programs.


With clarity and confidence, we integrate simple solutions in context with the utmost respect to our clients' operations.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: speak like a human, solve like a machine.


Even the savviest organizations feel overwhelmed by tackling data privacy and information security problems on their own. Why? Because those issues get complicated quickly.


True North advisors are plainspoken, so technical jargon never gets in the way of an intelligent solution. Clients can’t leverage our knowledge of technology and the law if we aren’t speaking the same language.


Our philosophy helps us give our clients direction and reassurance with sharp, simple, and elegant solutions to their most complex problems.

Our Credentials
What We Offer




Risk Management

We benchmark your current state privacy posture against privacy regulations and standards (e.g., PIPEDA, GDPR, CCPA, CASL, COPPA) and privacy & security certifications.

Following this assessment, we identify risks and provide you with tailored recommendations to improve the posture of your programs.

Governance & Compliance

We build privacy and security governance structures into your business so you can achieve compliance from the grassroots.


We enhance your company’s privacy program by developing privacy policies and procedures, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Data and Process Maps, consent management plans, company-wide privacy compliance plans, and more.

Clarity +


= Innovation

Employee Training

Your staff is your biggest liability. But they can also be one of your biggest assets!


We offer training options to help you improve your employees' understanding of your privacy and security policies and procedures, making sure they understand their accountability in protecting company data as well as personal data.

We also offer multi-day training for your employees to help them relevant industry certifications, including:




  • PMI: PMP

Process Improvement

Improve your operations responsibly. With an objective lens, we'll help you update your organization’s procedures and controls based on the insights and data that are too close for you to see clearly.


Your systems should be elegant, effective, and efficient without compromising your compliance stance or your stakeholders’ privacy.


True North offers the following process improvement services:


  • Business process design and improvement

  • Policy and procedure design and improvement

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